Air Freight

Time is golden. When your urgent shipment cannot be shipped by sea because of long transit time or unsafeness. The best option is to ship by air. It means you will pay more cost for it, so, what you expect is to get a perfect service.

Price – some time – not important than how long and how exact days the shipment can arrive. We understood your problem! And we can help you to solve the problem with sincere telling you the cost and the time, no hide.

We are also proud that our ground service at airport is very very perfect with nice and hard working staff to help customers in clearance, screening, labeling their shipments into air plane.

With airlines, we have contract and good relationship with most airlines such as China Airline, Lufthansa Cargo, Vietnam Airline, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airline, Air France…. Therefore, we could ensure the space for your shipments even in peak season.

Further more, we can provide high class and express service such as petro freight and pharma freight with exact hour delivery.

Our business concept is fast communication, quick pick-up, and speedy transportation. We will do our best to serve you and your customer with best service. You will see what you received are worthy for what you paid. If you have any requirement, pls do not hesitate to contact us right now.