As part of the OCEAN alliance, Singapore-based shipping company APL flagged-off the first sailings of the Pacific Gulf Loop 6 (PG6) service bound for Houston from Singapore, and the Far-East Express 1 (FX1) service heading for Southampton from Xingang.

These maiden sailings kick-start APL’s voyage with the alliance to offer bigger, broader and better container shipping services ahead.

“It marks a game-changer for APL to navigate as part of the world’s largest container shipping alliance. Offering 38 services of the OCEAN ALLIANCE, APL is primed to offer its widest market coverage ever; the best-in-class transit time and superior connectivity to strategic markets that were previously inaccessible,” Nicolas Sartini, APL Chief Executive Officer, said.

With a capacity of 3.5 million TEU, the alliance commands the largest east-west capacity share. In the weeks ahead, more APL’s offerings of the OCEAN alliance will set sail across the major trade lanes.

Image Courtesy: APL

Asia-North America

APL’s Pendulum Loop 1 – West Coast (PE1) service would be delivering shipments from Cai Mep, Vietnam to Los Angeles, US with a transit time of 16 days. The first sailing of the PE1 service will commence on April 6 from Port Klang, Malaysia.

On April 10, APL’s South China Loop 1 (SC1) will start sailing from Fuqing, China. The only direct service to Fuqing on the Trans-Pacific, cargo onboard the SC1 service from Xiamen, China will arrive in Oakland, US with a transit time of 18 days.

APL’s Pendulum Loop 2 – East Coast (PE2) which offers a direct connection to New York from China and South Korea promises a speedy 26-day transit from Ningbo, China to New York. The first sailing of the PE2 service from Qingdao will commence on April 3.

Asia-Middle East

Facilitating trade from the Far East to the growth regions in the Middle East, APL’s West Asia Express (WAX) service will offer a transit time of 23 days from Qingdao to Doha, Qatar. The WAX service will commence sailing from Qingdao on April 6.

Asia-Red Sea

As part of the only alliance with dedicated Asia-Red Sea services, APL’s Red Sea Express (RSX) and Red Sea Express 2 (RS2) services will depart Shanghai, China on April 3 and 12, respectively. A 16-day transit will move a cargo from Shekou, China to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia via the RS2 service. Shipments on the RSX service from Shekou to Sokhna, Egypt will take 20 days.


APL’s Far East Express 3 (FX3) service will see shipments to Le Havre, France from China’s Shanghai, Ningbo and Yantian arriving in 29, 30 and 25 days, respectively. The first sailing of the FX3 service will commence from Yangshan on April 7.


The only service that offers a direct connection to the port of Venice, Italy from Asia, APL’s Adriatic Express (ADX) service will offer a 30-day transit from Busan, South Korea to Venice. The first sailing of the ADX service will commence from Yangshan on April 6.


Across the Trans-Atlantic, APL’s Atlantic Gulf (AGX) service is the only direct connection from Le Havre to Miami, Florida with a 17-day transit. The first sailing of the AGX service will commence from Le Havre on April 3.

“As APL moves cargo even further and to new places with unparalleled transit times as part of the OCEAN alliance, we will continue to offer over 70 other services that fulfil the diverse container shipping needs. It will always be our top priority to provide the most reliable services and solutions that enable speed to market and global connectivity,” Sartini added.